melissacharity brickwall EDITED SEPIAHi, I am Melissa Waldron, former TV and radio producer, author, start-up addict and social activist – and my mission is to Get You Seen, Heard and Valu$$d! Let me produce you!

Is it time for you to Manifest Your Success?

I help Spirit Conscious Entrepreneurs like you create your wholehearted business so you can love your life and rock the world!

Together we create an online visibility strategy and media platform that is custom designed for YOU to achieve high long-term business growth and maximum impact. 

Diversify your revenue streams by creatively engaging your target market in new and energizing ways. Have an online business brand that will keep you sustainable and in business for years to come.





Is this you?

  • You are a Firestarter who wants to engage with the world from a place of passion
  • You want to engage with a larger community in a deeper, more meaningful way.
  • You feel like you are hiding behind your business or organization, hoping “it” will take care of itself.
  • You want to make a difference, have a bigger impact on the planet. No more playing small.
  • You are wanting to move beyond the time for dollars model and expand your business to include group programs, information products and create additional revenue streams
  • You need someone to keep you “grounded”, to keep you on brand, on message, and on target?

Are you ready to stop hiding and come out of the Visibility closet? Are you ready to stand out from behind your business and let the world know who you are? Ready to set the world on fire? Then you and I are meant to work together!

I help entrepreneurs like you get out of your own way and get comfortable with online marketing and media visibility while creating authentic messages that get you seen, heard and valu$$d. 

Here’s What I Can Help You With:

* Telling Your Story in a Compelling, Heartfelt Way

* Online Business Building, Creating Passive and Active Revenue Streams for Long Term Sustainability

* Webinar Production

* Radio, Podcast & YouTube production

* Content marketing strategy

* Social Media Strategy and Implementation

* Big Heart Vision business strategy

* Signature Product development

* Networking, Partnership and Influencer development

* Launch support

* Online Business Management and VA support

If you would like to chat about working together, please schedule a time to talk to me here

Client Rave Review

Susan Epstein Photo_200pix“I am an expert in my field (parenting) and have some concept of marketing but was struggling on how to create a great webinar and still sell my group coaching program at the end of the hour. Melissa met with me and we drilled down the pain points. She helped me rework my powerpoint so that it was strong and spoke to my clientele. She hosted the call and introduced me and then highlighted the points I was making – during the webinar. That night I did the highest sales conversions I’ve ever done. We have met since and are planning another event and I know that with Melissa’s help- this one will be even a bigger, better and more profitable event!”

– Susan P. Epstein, LCSW, Certified Health Coach, ParentingPowers.com


Are you a Leading Expert in your field?

Are you sitting on HUGE pile of high-quality content and information to share with the world but you don’t have the time, energy or technical knowledge to turn it into something profitable?

If so, you are leaving money on the table!

High revenue generating webinars, online programs, and E-learning courses are the wave of the future and predicted to hit $51.5 billion by 2016.

5 Reasons YOU Want to Do Webinars!

  • They will grow your list FAST
  • They drive quality traffic to YOU – people that want to learn from you, spend time with you
  • They average 30-40% sales conversion rate
  • They help you with content creation – you will have content to use over and over again
  • They are GREAT for market research – you get to interact with your prospects and customers and learn what objections they might have, what they are looking for and what they want to buy!

I will help you craft your content, position your expertise and rock out your message in no time! One month from now you will be generating MORE income and leveraging your Message that gets you seen, heard and valu$$d.

Contact me for more details!

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