February 2014

When Your Soul Mate Connection Kicks Your Ass

by Melissa Waldron on February 27, 2014

My Enneagram Thought of the Day arrived in my inbox last night before I went to bed. It said everything that had been going through my mind, and it summed it all up succinctly: Today I affirm… From now on, I nurture my own growth and development. For those of you who have not heard […]

Female Rising Hell Yeah It’s Our Time!

by Melissa Waldron on February 18, 2014

So my business coach and mentor Kendra Thornbury posted a tantalizing question on Facebook the other day: Why do you think people (both men & women) are so threatened by a woman’s POWER?! I felt an immediate reaction to this question deep in my gut – for many years I worked for men. Men who […]