April 2014

Why Woo Woo Is Good For Business

by Melissa Waldron on April 29, 2014


My spiritual mentor told me a few weeks ago that I was holding back, that I needed to embrace more of my woo-woo self. A wave of panic rippled through me, automatically thinking that woo-woo just can’t be good for business. Isn’t woo-woo about silly things like stardust, unicorns, and faeries? My colleagues and I, […]

How to Create Your One Page Business Plan in an Hour

by Melissa Waldron on April 16, 2014

Having a compelling socially-conscious mission statement is what is becoming Big in Business today.  That is why I work hard at getting my clients to be in alignment with their Big Why and speak from that place of authority and authenticity. The reason WHY you do what you do is the reason why people want […]