August 2014

How to Get Clear on Your Vision

by Melissa Waldron on August 25, 2014


So, what DO you want?  It’s such a simple question. But it held me up for a long time… A coach asked me that question once 5 years ago. And I was dumbstruck. I realized I had NO clue.  I wanted what other people wanted of me, from me. I was there for everyone but […]

What Would James Brown Do?

by Melissa Waldron on August 22, 2014

archetypes explained

Have you seen the new James Brown movie “Get Up On It” yet? If not, I recommend it. It’s an exceptional film. Growing up, we all listened to Brown’s awesome hits like “It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World,” “Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag,” or “Get Up Offa That Thing,” and got all down and […]

archetype quiz

Have you taken a temperature reading out there in Business Land recently? Things are getting Red Hot. The planet is heating up, environmental disasters are becoming everyday news, and there seems no end to wide spread hunger and poverty… How long can we sustain this way of living on this planet? How long can we […]


Last Friday I had plans to write my sales page for my new group program [coming this fall!] I had plans to write my blog. I had plans to work on my financial plan. All those plans fell thru when my neighbor Bonnie walked through my door. Her red haired, 8 pound Miniature Pinscher Toby […]

Firestarter Session – 3 Days Free!

by Melissa Waldron on August 8, 2014

business success

How is your summer going so far? Is it as Red Hot as you would like it to be? Now that we are in the dog days of summer it could be useful to take a temperature reading – is your business and your life sizzling along or is it a cold zone?  I just […]