3 Steps to Creating The One Habit You NEED Every Day

by Melissa Waldron on September 25, 2017


Have you ever found something to be totally intimidating like starting a new exercise plan but once you start you realize it was easier than you thought and each day it becomes less of a burden and more of something you look forward to doing?

Well, building self-confidence is the same thing. It’s taking that little bit of courage that you have, and taking a step each day towards that dream you have. The excitement you have about an idea is the first tingling of courage calling you out. It’s saying DO IT!

And that’s great news.

Because courage is habit forming and it will keep you moving forward. Leaving the fear behind, and instead focusing on the positive and taking PROACTIVE steps forward instead of reactive steps that keep you in place or going sideways or worse, backward.

Courage is something that’s completely in your control. All it takes is awareness of the thing that really excites you first of all and then the ACTION to make it happen.

The action is the grease on the wheel of success. Nothing happens without you taking action first. That dream you have for your new business will stay a dream unless you take ACTION.

And behind that action is courage.

So I am asking you for the next 30 days if you can just take small steps towards that dream, and allow courage to be the driving force, the wind beneath your wings, you will find that in ONE MONTH you will be so much farther along than you can imagine TODAY.

Build this muscle now. Why wait? Small acts of courage will build the self-confidence you need to move forward. Remember the Cowardly Lion in the Wizard of Oz? He was terrified to go meet the Wizard in the Emerald City but he does it anyway by taking one step at a time forward.

If you are feeling like the Cowardly Lion and that you also don’t have “da nerve,” can you find one thing that you can do today that will help you overcome that fear? Maybe it takes a physical shift, like going to the gym so you can reset your emotional level. Physical activity changes our brain chemistry so if you find yourself fretting even reading this go for a walk.

Do something that scares you EVERY SINGLE DAY.

We’re creatures of habit and comfort and we don’t like venture outside of our comfort zone unless we’re forced to. To make courage a habit, you have to actively look for daily opportunities to practice. What is one daily activity you can cultivate for yourself? I like to connect with five people a day who I haven’t connected with before. I push myself even if I don’t feel like it to reach out and shake someone’s hand, go to a networking meeting, or gym class or restaurant and talk to people. Or I find people on social media that I want to get to know. Even internet dating sites. The important thing for me is to keep reaching out and if I can do that 5 times in one day I will feel like I accomplished something. That feeling of accomplishment gives me self-confidence because I did what I said I was going to do instead of skipping out and making excuses.

What if you declared to yourself that you would not make excuses? How would your life change? You would actually have to show up as you said you would.

Here are THREE STEPS to changing your life for the better:

  1. Create a Visibility List

Sit down right now and start making a list of things you can do to be courageous and showing up, for yourself, for your business, for your life. Start by thinking of things that scare you or challenge you. Keep adding to this list as you go along. Refer back to it often and use the items on the list to keep you moving forward.

I do this in a journal that I keep by my side. I write in it every morning, I write about what I am afraid of, what scares me, and I write about what makes me feel excited to be alive. I then look at my fears and see if I can change them into excitement. Instead of dreading doing a Facebook Live, for example, I am now excited to be doing a Facebook Live. It’s an attitude change, a mindset change. And it’s totally within your control!

  1. Look For Opportunities To Be Courageous and VISIBLE

Start paying attention as you go about your busy day. Get in the habit of not shying away from challenges but embracing them and doing things anyway. You’re probably encountering a lot more challenges throughout your day than you realize.

Write down in your journal what challenges you took that day and what you accomplished, no matter how small. This builds your courage muscle.

  1. Make Friends Who Will Challenge You

Step out of your comfort zone spend time with people who will challenge you. I can’t say enough how important this is. Have you ever heard that you are the sum total of the 5 people you spend the most time with? So find people you admire and who you would like to be more like and spend time with them. Even if you aren’t “friends” with them you can find them on YouTube or Instagram or Facebook. Get on their email list. Absorb what they have to say. Your career depends on this. Your new life depends on this. FIND NEW PEOPLE WHO ARE DOING WHAT YOU WANT TO DO and follow their every move.

If you want some accountability with your family, tell them what you are up to. Tell them about your desire to increase your visibility, to face your fears and to climb new heights in your career. Ask for encouragement. Ask for support. If you aren’t getting it from your family then seek help elsewhere. Never let anyone else define you or talk you out of what you know in your heart you must do. Only you can do this. And you must or you will stay right where you are for the rest of your life.

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