Entrepreneurism Is a Spiritual Act_437x336pixEntrepreneurism is a deep personal journey…

it’s an exploration into yourself…finding that place that lights you up

Where you truly discover what you are made of, and you find a home in that sweet spot of passion, desire and determined action, always striving…

Always doing what it takes, and knowing that once you are committed, there is no going back.

It’s about following your heart’s desire to be your own cause, and connecting your business to something much greater than yourself. 

Hello, I’m Melissa Waldron and I help Spirit Conscious entrepreneurs step into their Blue Flame so they can get seen, heard and valu$d, which means making more money, having more freedom and living your life with passion and purpose, while making a difference in the world.


Are you wanting to get inspired? Find someone to give you a firm but kind kick in the b*tt?

Looking for support, accountability and get-it-done-for-you implementation?

Look no further. 

Is this you? I work with many types of folks.

The Firestarter: 

  • You’re a  Firestarter who wants to engage with the world from a place of passion, share your wisdom with a larger community in a deeper, more meaningful way.
  • You desire to have a business that shows off your unique skills, speaks your truth, and aligns with your Authentic Self, the reason you are here on this planet.
  • You’re done hiding and ready to step out – your business or organization no longer can take care of “itself.”
  • You are ready to commit and need someone to keep you “grounded”, to keep you on brand, on message and on target?
  • You want to have more money, more freedom and more time to do the things you love to do.

The Pioneer:

  • You are a socially conscious business owner that wants to create healthy sustainable revenue streams and tie them back to your Cause.
  • You want to be seen, heard and valu$d for the Cause you believe in and are looking for media strategies and strategic alliances to build your network, your presence online and grow your business.
  • You are looking for ways of diversifying revenue and want to explore the options.
  • You want to explore becoming a B Corp and are looking for guidance and support creating your new business model.
  • You are thinking its time to share your knowledge with the world and want to explore speaking and other media opportunities.

The Creative Artist:

  • You come from a place of passion, you have just left your corporate job, or you are moving on to a new career path and aren’t quite sure what that is yet. But you desire to unleash your creative potential and see what happens.
  • You are at a point in your life where you want to make YOU priority number one.
  • You are adventurous and curious about the world, and wanting to explore…you are willing to expand beyond your own limitations, and discover where your new path creative life will take you.  
  • You are creative but also wanting to understand how to connect the dots and seek revenue potential for your creative efforts.

I help get you seen, heard and valued for the gifts you bring to the world.Together we can craft the best marketing and business strategies that are uniquely designed for you, right now, from the heart, to get you where you need to go. And then we make them happen!

Does this sound good! Yes?? Well great, read on!

These are some of the ways I work with my clients: 

* Webinar Production

* Content creation, blogging and repurposing strategies

* Social media strategy and implementation

* Big Heart Vision business strategy

* Networking & Influencer development

* Partnership development

* Signature Product development

* Launch support

* Online Business Management and VA support

Want to find out more about how we can work together? Schedule a time here.

melissacharity brickwall EDITED SEPIAWhat You Can Expect from Me:

We work from the core, meaning we work together from the ground up, to discover your core values, your business’s core values, what makes you tick, what lights you up and keeps you inspired in good times and bad. It’s what gets you out of bed in the morning and why you get paid for what you do. It’s what you care about that makes all the difference in your business. And we develop strategies and content to radiate your passionate message from that place, that loving place, to give back to the world.

flaming-heart-illustration 300x300pixWhat are the Core Values of Red Hot Now?

I built my own business on these principles and it keeps me in alignment with my purpose and mission on this earth.

Freedom, Love, Community

Collaboration, Sovereignty, Sustainability





Melissa Waldron


“I am a producer at heart. With heart” 

Melissa helps Spirit Conscious Entrepreneurs step into their Blue Flame with passion and purpose, to create a bigger vision for themselves and their impact on the planet. She is known for creating unique marketing and businesses strategies around a client’s Core Values that adds strength, commitment and depth to their mission, and then gets their messages propelled loud and clear into the marketplace with clarity and authenticity.

Melissa  is a former TV and radio producer who has worked for PBS, public radio and other educational media outlets for over 25 years and who has written for food blogs and magazines like Edible Connecticut and Civil Eats. Her career in marketing strategy began in 2003 when FairTrade USA [thenTransFair] hired her to run their NYC press campaign in 2003 to talk about Fair Trade certification and how it is transforming the lives of food growers and workers around the world. And by producing a regular food series for 7 years on WNYC’s The Leonard Lopate Show with special guest Ruth Reichl [then editor in chief of Gourmet magazine,] Melissa got up close and personal with how our food is grown, processed and distributed, which propelled her into the world of sustainable agriculture advocacy work. There she realized the absolute need for a more reality-based business model that supports not only profit but also a healthier, happier planet and way of living for all.

Melissa now lives in New Haven, Connecticut. In her spare time, she is currently working on creating a food-growing after school program in her backyard and also tends to the school garden down the street. She is a proud member of The Grove, a collaborative co-working diverse community of innovators, entrepreneurs, nonprofits, and change agents in New Haven, Connecticut. She lives there in the area known as Fairhaven next to the Quinnipiac River and she makes her own kombucha.