Anxiety – The Shadow Side of Business

by Melissa Waldron on September 19, 2017

anxiety attack

I don’t know if many people talk openly about the shadow side of business, about what it’s like to start a business from scratch and sometimes how we can go through periods of intense doubt, depression, and anxiety.

Many people don’t talk about it because it’s not so fun to talk about but here’s the deal.

I believe that giving doubt, fear, and shame a voice, letting it out into the open and acknowledging it is the best way to let that energy go and move on.

Emotions often hold us back from moving forward because it’s scary or it’s too hard or we just don’t want to deal with feeling the way we do.

But what if these emotions were actually a gift? A signal that we are ready to release it?

As Leonard Cohen said, “There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.”

We aren’t meant to be perfect. We create from imperfection. We create because we are divine beings. We create from love.

My friend Sharon Courtot and I were having a real conversation last night about what it’s like when anxiety overtakes you or doubt seeps in. That’s the crack where the light is shining in.

Sharon says: “Instead of looking at it like something is taking control of me, look at it as if it’s wanting to get your attention, so that you can come alive, instead of feeling isolated and alone.”

She says to watch out for the ego –  the ego likes the old struggle because it’s comfortable.

“This anxiety,” she says, “It’s a part of me and I don’t want to separate that part of me, it’s become a teacher for me to sit in that loneliness.  I know I am not separate but connected to all. Love is what is needed for love is the elixir and gratitude is the fuel for the universal energy to work through you.”

There is a great amount of healing we did on this call together.

My intent in sharing this is if you are feeling lonely, lost, or sad and don’t know what to do, watch this video.



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