Are you a Spiritual or Conscious Entrepreneur?

by Melissa Waldron January 29, 2018

I’m just curious…do you identify with being a Spiritual entrepreneur OR do you think you are more of a Conscious entrepreneur?? Back in 2013 when I created this business Red Hot Now I felt called to attract the Spirit Conscious Entrepreneur – people that want to create a business from a place of love who […]

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Grow Your Email List 2017 – A Case Study on Collaboration and Joint Venture Partnerships

by Melissa Waldron December 8, 2017

I just had a super interesting interview with Melissa Slawsky, Head Brainiac Bundle and Business Strategist and owner of Brainiac Bundles. This is the first of many interviews to come in my new Visibility Lab series where I will be talking to women who are courageously building a business they love and the story behind the scenes. […]

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Grow Your Email List Like a Badass in 2018!

by Melissa Waldron December 1, 2017

  I know that we’ve all heard a million GAZILLION times that “the money is in the list.” But here’s the truth. It really is. Why do those gurus out there constantly promote new products, do new Joint Venture partnership deals, webinars and all the rest? Because they are building their list. Just like you […]

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3 Steps to Creating The One Habit You NEED Every Day

by Melissa Waldron September 25, 2017

  Have you ever found something to be totally intimidating like starting a new exercise plan but once you start you realize it was easier than you thought and each day it becomes less of a burden and more of something you look forward to doing? Well, building self-confidence is the same thing. It’s taking […]

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Anxiety – The Shadow Side of Business

by Melissa Waldron September 19, 2017
anxiety attack

I don’t know if many people talk openly about the shadow side of business, about what it’s like to start a business from scratch and sometimes how we can go through periods of intense doubt, depression, and anxiety. Many people don’t talk about it because it’s not so fun to talk about but here’s the […]

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What If You Had Unlimited Confidence? Then What?

by Melissa Waldron September 14, 2017

Ok, let me ask you this: what if you had UNLIMITED CONFIDENCE? How would your life change? Does a lack of confidence hold you back in business? I GET IT!! Cause I’ve been there! But not anymore. I’ve kicked shame, humiliation, embarrassment, and fear to the curb! And you can too! That’s why I am […]

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Courage is the Path to Self Confidence

by Melissa Waldron August 28, 2017

Where Courage goes, love flows – Melissa Charity Today I want to talk about what’s at the heart of your business. It’s not a business plan, it’s not a marketing plan. It’s COURAGE. Without having the courage to do what your heart and gut tell you to do, to do something new and Star Trekkian […]

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Launch Your Product Online with Cattitude

by Melissa Waldron December 10, 2015
Blab Sharon Bechtold Cattitude

I did a Blab yesterday with artist, shamanic practitioner and entrepreneur Sharon Bechtold yesterday about how to launch your product online with Cattitude! We used her recent experience with her new line of Shamanic Oracle cards on Facebook as an example. The important take away here, I will tell you flat out, is it wasn’t perfect. Right […]

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Is Your Career A Once in a Blue Moon Thing?

by Melissa Waldron July 31, 2015
moon of blue

Hey, today is the day for the Blue Moon, the second full moon in the month of July. Which is perfect timing for this note to you since I only write to you once in a blue moon. I know, I must get better at that. It’s that never ending To Do list, you know? […]

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Do You Want to Be Extraordinary?

by Melissa Waldron May 27, 2015

Welcome to my new series, How To Be Extraordinary in the Age of Vulnerability. In the coming weeks, I will be posting about ways to connect with your Tribe online and increase your visibility in ways that have high integrity and authenticity and express who you really are. You might be saying, but I have a […]

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