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Grow Your Email List Like a Badass in 2018!

by Melissa Waldron on December 1, 2017

  I know that we’ve all heard a million GAZILLION times that “the money is in the list.” But here’s the truth. It really is. Why do those gurus out there constantly promote new products, do new Joint Venture partnership deals, webinars and all the rest? Because they are building their list. Just like you […]


Online Visibility 101: Social Media Marketing Example

by Melissa Waldron on May 6, 2015

Visibility Lab Facebook Group

My very first Online Visibility Hotseat was today! Hey Folks! For those of you who don’t know, I just opened up my Facebook group, The Visibility Lab, a place to explore and expand your boundaries around visibility online and offline, so you can get seen, heard and valu$$d doing what you love and using your […]

How to Get Clear on Your Vision

by Melissa Waldron on August 25, 2014


So, what DO you want?  It’s such a simple question. But it held me up for a long time… A coach asked me that question once 5 years ago. And I was dumbstruck. I realized I had NO clue.  I wanted what other people wanted of me, from me. I was there for everyone but […]

archetype quiz

Have you taken a temperature reading out there in Business Land recently? Things are getting Red Hot. The planet is heating up, environmental disasters are becoming everyday news, and there seems no end to wide spread hunger and poverty… How long can we sustain this way of living on this planet? How long can we […]

Are you ready to choose YOU today?

by Melissa Waldron on June 27, 2014

new moon

Are you ready to choose YOU today? #RedHotMe Campaign begins Sunday June 29th!!! Ah, so the 4th of July is almost here…and tonight is the new moon! The new moon comes under the sun sign of Cancer and with that comes an urge to come out of our shell, to seek the light that shines […]

Why Your Business is Like Permaculture

by Melissa Waldron on May 13, 2014

woman pioneer entrepreneur

In the grand scheme of things, according to, sustainability in business has made some progress while at the same time not really solving any big problems like greenhouse gas emissions or water use. Yet. It is a back and forth, push and pull. But that is life, right, ebb and flow? Eventually all water […]

Why Woo Woo Is Good For Business

by Melissa Waldron on April 29, 2014


My spiritual mentor told me a few weeks ago that I was holding back, that I needed to embrace more of my woo-woo self. A wave of panic rippled through me, automatically thinking that woo-woo just can’t be good for business. Isn’t woo-woo about silly things like stardust, unicorns, and faeries? My colleagues and I, […]

How to Create Your One Page Business Plan in an Hour

by Melissa Waldron on April 16, 2014

Having a compelling socially-conscious mission statement is what is becoming Big in Business today.  That is why I work hard at getting my clients to be in alignment with their Big Why and speak from that place of authority and authenticity. The reason WHY you do what you do is the reason why people want […]