Core Values

Courage is the Path to Self Confidence

by Melissa Waldron on August 28, 2017

Where Courage goes, love flows – Melissa Charity Today I want to talk about what’s at the heart of your business. It’s not a business plan, it’s not a marketing plan. It’s COURAGE. Without having the courage to do what your heart and gut tell you to do, to do something new and Star Trekkian […]


How to Get Clear on Your Vision

by Melissa Waldron on August 25, 2014


So, what DO you want?  It’s such a simple question. But it held me up for a long time… A coach asked me that question once 5 years ago. And I was dumbstruck. I realized I had NO clue.  I wanted what other people wanted of me, from me. I was there for everyone but […]

What Would James Brown Do?

by Melissa Waldron on August 22, 2014

archetypes explained

Have you seen the new James Brown movie “Get Up On It” yet? If not, I recommend it. It’s an exceptional film. Growing up, we all listened to Brown’s awesome hits like “It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World,” “Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag,” or “Get Up Offa That Thing,” and got all down and […]

archetype quiz

Have you taken a temperature reading out there in Business Land recently? Things are getting Red Hot. The planet is heating up, environmental disasters are becoming everyday news, and there seems no end to wide spread hunger and poverty… How long can we sustain this way of living on this planet? How long can we […]

Are you ready to choose YOU today?

by Melissa Waldron on June 27, 2014

new moon

Are you ready to choose YOU today? #RedHotMe Campaign begins Sunday June 29th!!! Ah, so the 4th of July is almost here…and tonight is the new moon! The new moon comes under the sun sign of Cancer and with that comes an urge to come out of our shell, to seek the light that shines […]

Female Rising Hell Yeah It’s Our Time!

by Melissa Waldron on February 18, 2014

So my business coach and mentor Kendra Thornbury posted a tantalizing question on Facebook the other day: Why do you think people (both men & women) are so threatened by a woman’s POWER?! I felt an immediate reaction to this question deep in my gut – for many years I worked for men. Men who […]

Goodwill Coat

That’s a picture of me there modeling my new coat from Goodwill. Ain’t it gorgeous? I love it!!! It was quite a bargain and quite an unexpected find. Just like all the other gifts I found for my friends and family for the holidays. Gifts. Argh. The pressure is on. Thanksgiving is over and the […]