Spiritual Marketing Principles

Launch Your Product Online with Cattitude

by Melissa Waldron on December 10, 2015

Blab Sharon Bechtold Cattitude

I did a Blab yesterday with artist, shamanic practitioner and entrepreneur Sharon Bechtold yesterday about how to launch your product online with Cattitude! We used her recent experience with her new line of Shamanic Oracle cards on Facebook as an example. The important take away here, I will tell you flat out, is it wasn’t perfect. Right […]


Online Visibility 101: Social Media Marketing Example

by Melissa Waldron on May 6, 2015

Visibility Lab Facebook Group

My very first Online Visibility Hotseat was today! Hey Folks! For those of you who don’t know, I just opened up my Facebook group, The Visibility Lab, a place to explore and expand your boundaries around visibility online and offline, so you can get seen, heard and valu$$d doing what you love and using your […]

Visibility is a Journey of Self Love

by Melissa Waldron on September 21, 2014

Are you scared to take that next step forward into the Land of Visibility, this call is for you! Are you feeling like your own Best Kept Secret? What’s holding you back? Do you feel unworthy? Not good enough? Like who cares if you are heard or not? Will anyone notice? Or maybe you are […]


Me and my drum

For me, drumming is an expression of Spirit, an expression of I AM. We all need to connect to our spirit, our source, our divine guidance, when we can. Let me ask, what Inspires you today?  We are all creative spiritual beings living a human existence. We have the power to create anything we want. […]


Are you ready to choose YOU today?

by Melissa Waldron on June 27, 2014

new moon

Are you ready to choose YOU today? #RedHotMe Campaign begins Sunday June 29th!!! Ah, so the 4th of July is almost here…and tonight is the new moon! The new moon comes under the sun sign of Cancer and with that comes an urge to come out of our shell, to seek the light that shines […]

Why Woo Woo Is Good For Business

by Melissa Waldron on April 29, 2014


My spiritual mentor told me a few weeks ago that I was holding back, that I needed to embrace more of my woo-woo self. A wave of panic rippled through me, automatically thinking that woo-woo just can’t be good for business. Isn’t woo-woo about silly things like stardust, unicorns, and faeries? My colleagues and I, […]


by Melissa Waldron on March 30, 2014


Announcing a New Opportunity to Work with Me! Read on! Last week I had a Big Night at the Big Shift Experience in San Francisco! I was on stage with Bill Baren himself, in a very vulnerable but liberating moment. Now I know why people go on Oprah. Being vulnerable is liberating.  And now I want […]

Are You Hiding Out?

by Melissa Waldron on March 19, 2014

entrepreneur success

Yoohoo! Where are you?  They’re waiting for you. Those clients out there in your future. They are tapping their fingers and wondering where you are. They need you. Are you too stuck in fear to get seen? Are you dragging your soul behind you in stark raving terror that someone is goingn to call you […]

Why Marketing Is The Divine Tool That Will Set You Free

by Melissa Waldron on March 10, 2014


I recently had an opportunity to see Fabienne Fredrickson from The Client Attraction Business School™ in the flesh. So I jumped on it. Okay, I admit it, I am a Fabienne-aholic. In case you’ve never heard of her, Fabienne Fredrickson is a leading female entrepreneur whose business school has been lauded by Inc. Magazine as […]