Be Your Cause – Lesson Eight


Lesson Eight 

It is exhilarating to be in a conscious place where you are feeling so good in so many ways that you want to inspire others to what you’ve discovered. –  Abraham-Hicks




Ok so you’ve got a Vision for the world that inspires you, you’ve discovered your passion and how you are an Advocate, you created a Mission statement that excites you and you’ve been doing the work to become your Future Self. GOOD JOB!


Ah…doesn’t that feel great? Please give yourself some love and celebrate this moment in time. You’ve earned it!


So now it’s time to put all that hard work to “WORK!” I have work in quotation marks because it really shouldn’t feel like work once you’ve aligned with your gifts and are getting ready to share them with the world. It should feel exhilarating!


And maybe a bit terrifying. I get that.


At this stage, we need to refer to vulnerability expert Brené Brown. She knows what it feels like to finally be seen. Can you relate?


“Vulnerability is about showing up and being seen. It’s tough to do that when we’re terrified about what people might see or think.”


This can be a huge hurdle for many people. It has been for me! EEK!


But when I stop thinking about what other people think and instead focus on my value, what I am sharing and offering, what I care about, and WHY I care about it, all that self-consciousness ebbs away. Maybe not entirely, but having a little bit of an edge and tinge of nervousness keeps me alert and motivated to move forward! I am exploring my own edges and I choose for it be an exciting experience, not a fearful one. Remember, it’s all about choice!


I think it’s a good time to come to terms with how you define success. The whole point of this exercise is to help you Manifest Your Success! #ManifestYourSuccess


David Neagle says, “Success is not a destination, it’s a way of being!”


When I think of success, I think about doing better than I did yesterday. Feeling better. Helping more people. Living a life that makes me happy. Waking up looking forward to the day instead of turning over and putting the pillow over my head! If I can make someone smile or feel better or help them in some way, I feel that I am doing something that is bigger than myself. I am always in a state of reinvention, exploration, curiosity, and creation. Being creative is my happy state. Staying creative and open to new ideas that come my way and then ACTING on those ideas, well that’s my definition of success.


Success comes in increments. You might not feel successful every day but if you were to make a graph of your emotional state, ideally you would see an upward curve.


Success is whatever makes you feel good, in my humble opinion, whether it’s making a million dollars or helping a community of people overcome a specific challenge or creating something you’ve always dreamed about!


I think of success as easy as going downstream, floating down the river, moving towards something that makes you feel ALIVE. Moving towards feeling better about yourself. Moving towards your heart’s desire – whether it’s building your business, taking the stage for the first time, writing that book, or creating long lasting, loving relationships.


It’s when you commit to something and take steps forward to meet that commitment, to make that thing happen. That is success! Now that’s exciting!


New Thought movement leader, Mike Dooley, the author of Life on Earth and co-founder of TUT, thinks of success this way:


“When there’s been a destination that is spooky and scary along the way, and then you arrive, you find it was about the whole process towards something great. I’m addicted to the process, I’m addicted to being in motion, moving towards something. Inevitably it would involve some form of creativity, becoming more, being more and going where I’ve never been before. That’s my idea of success.”


But you and you alone know when you are successful. You can’t compare yourself to others. Success can only be determined by you.


Exercise #8


What’s your idea of success?? Write it down now. There is no wrong answer.

Then join me in The Visibility Lab and tell us what success means to you!











Courage goes where love flows – Melissa Charity Waldron


Just remember: You can do this!


As Woody Allen said once: “80 percent of success in life is by showing up.”


So let’s get this party started!


And lastly, I want to leave you to think about this idea, brought to you by Abraham – Hicks:


“When you are deliberate about what you want and contemplative of it and deliberately seek to get into the vortex, when you are consciously aware that you have identified desires and you are consciously aligning  with them, making emotions important to you, when a manifestation occurs your sense of empowerment just goes off the charts, that’s how you help to empower others, by discovering your own empowerment and then displaying it to others…that’s when you are being who you came here to be.”


Make a commitment to yourself to show up, no matter what. Do it for others if not for yourself. Take big steps, take baby steps, just take a step! And don’t forget to ask for help along the way.


We are here to support one another!! And love one another!


However this may inspire you, however this may bring you to take action, may it be so.


And may we all flourish and prosper.


With love.


In Spirit,


Melissa Charity