Be Your Cause – Lesson Five



Be Your Cause – Lesson Five

You’ll see it when you believe it – Dr. Wayne Dyer



Ok, so now we’ve talked about you being an advocate and being your own living mission statement.


Are you ready to BE?


That’s a daily action verb. BE-ing. Living moment to moment in the now and the natural state of who you are.


It’s important to understand a word before we talk about it.


What does BEING mean?





The present participle of BE




The nature or essence of a person.


It’s a state of being. Based on an emotional state. Happy, sad, anxious, worried, joyful, excited.


As humans, our being is emotional. That is our nature. What emotional state we allow ourselves to live in is equal to what we manifest in our lives. What we see outside of ourselves. If we are angry, we see destruction and violence. If we are happy, we see more harmonious states of nature. Things seem to glide along more effortlessly, more easily. We don’t have to work so hard.


Have you noticed that when you are in a depressed or anxious or angry emotional state that bad things seem to happen to you? Maybe you get into a car accident or you can’t find your house keys or you drop a plate of hot spaghetti in your lap at lunch?


So, the opposite is true. If you are feeling content, calm, happy, things flow much better, people you had disagreements with either disappear out of your life or the issue gets resolved, the job you were hoping for transpires or you have


We are human beings. And we live in emotional states. That’s our home turf.


Deepak Chopra likes to ask if we are a human being or if we are being human? Ha! That could hurt your brain if you think too hard on that one.


Deepak also says:


“Each of us is here to discover our true selves; that essentially we are spiritual beings who have taken manifestation in physical form; that we’re not human beings that have occasional spiritual experiences, that we’re spiritual beings that have occasional human experiences”


And as spiritual beings, we are here to embody life and live it as best we can!!


And how we do that is we set our PRIORITY on discovering who we are meant to BE.


Let’s look at the word BE.


Ok here’s that pesky definition thing again, also provided by Merriam-Webster. I promise there’s a payoff.



verb \ˈbē\


To have an identity with.


To have an objective existence.


And here is the Origin and Etymology of Be –


Greek: phynai, to be born, be by nature; phyein, to produce


What I like out of all of that is: Be By Nature


Your natural state of being.


It’s what you are naturally here on this earth to do.


But life gets hectic. Unexpected things happen. Life happens. What do you do to stay in the present tense of YOU and not slip back to the old patterns of negative thinking and doubt?


BE your Future Self!


Benjamin Hardy, one of my favorite motivational writers puts it this way:


“Your most authentic self is not who you currently are, but rather, whom you desire to become.”


Whom or what do you desire to BE in the future?


Start being that person today.


Who you are today is based on your thoughts from yesterday, last year, last decade. TODAY you have the power to change those thoughts, to put the thoughts of who you want to be first, to imagine it, to embody it, to BE it.


In one of Neale Donald Walsch’s Conversations with God, he talks about the Be-Do-Have paradigm.


Most people focus on the Have. What do they want to have? It’s the having of that thing that is the goal. When I HAVE enough time or when I HAVE enough money or when I HAVE enough education, then I can DO that thing I want to do, like write a book or take a vacation or buy a house etc. and then finally I can BE the thing I want to be. Like happy.


When actually, it’s completely the opposite. The process starts at the other end.


It starts with BEING.


As Walsch states it:


“When you come FROM a state of being, you need to have nothing in order to begin the process. You simply select, quite arbitrarily, a state of being, and then come from that place in everything you think, say, and do. But because you are thinking, saying, and doing what only a person who is being happy, contented, or whatever, thinks, says and does, the things that a happy or contented person winds up HAVING come to you automatically.”


Now ask yourself, I mean, let this really sink in and sit with it for a bit:


Who do you need to BE,

in order to DO what you need to do,

so that you can HAVE what you want?


To be is to do is to have.


It’s as simple as that.


Exercise #5

This is an exercise I want you to do RIGHT NOW.


Think of yourself in the future tense. What are you doing? Who are you doing it with? Are you on the stage? Or maybe writing a book? Or creating a new product that is going to rock the world?


Pick a time, a location, some visual of you doing what you love to do. What are you wearing? What are you saying? How are you feeling?


Imagine yourself as that person! Try it for 5 minutes. Or 10. Set a timer. Just let it rip. FEEL into that moment. Feel what it means to be ALIVE.


Now write down what you experienced!



NOTE: When you slip back to the old, NOTICE it and then bring yourself to present time again. Then think of what your Future Self would do. And do that instead.


Then do that again the next day. And the next day.


Do it Every. Damn. Day.