Be Your Cause – Lesson Three



Be Your Cause – Lesson Three

If you align in any moment with the flow of life as it presents

itself, all will unfold in the right way at the right time with a

certain spontaneity and ease.

― Tosha Silver



Your business and your life do not have to be two separate things. When you are your own cause, they blend and merge together seamlessly. Effortlessly.


The world is changing. Business is changing. We are moving away from the industrial, patriarchal, top down approach [as hard as that may seem to believe right now but trust me, it’s happening] to a gentler, more expansive, broader and wiser way of doing things, the Divine Feminine Way, where passion becomes a vehicle for greater change, for doing good in the world.


The point is, we need you. Out there, in the world. To share what you know and to make the money you so deserve. Your birthright is abundance! Align with who you really are, and take that first step!


What will motivate you to take that first step? What do you need to do to get beyond your fear, your feeling of not being good enough? What will it take?


THIS is why I am writing this to you today. I am putting out a CALL TO ACTION!! To get you out of your own way, to get you to step into your power and to get you seen, heard and valued!


Can you feel me?


The Transformational master Harrison Klein talks about how to be an Influencer, a leader, the Cause:


“Wanna grow your influence? Understand that leadership and influence, in particular, is less about self-empowerment and more about the empowerment of others. The better you serve others, the more followers, and influence you have. Appreciation is what keeps connection and communication flowing. KEEP APPRECIATING! Interested People appear more Interesting. Attentive People appear more Present. It’s easier to Influence People that you actually Care About. To make an impression, first be impressed. If you want attention, first give attention… love on!”


Let me ask you, do you think you are an advocate?


We need to all be thinking of ourselves as advocates. We advocate every day. Whether it’s advocating for your teenage son to wear a cleaner t-shirt or advocating for healthier food in our food system, it is our natural instinct to advocate. To stand up and be counted. And with our gorgeous fertile creative minds at work there is no stopping us and what we can advocate for, it’s in our DNA!


Exercise #3

What cause do you want to advocate for? WHAT is worth your time, your energy, your love? What do you feel unbelievably passionate about?

Please take a few minutes to breathe and allow this to bubble up naturally. Then write it down here.









Then join us in the Visibility Lab and shout it out!!