Courage is the Path to Self Confidence

by Melissa Waldron on August 28, 2017

Where Courage goes, love flows – Melissa Charity

Today I want to talk about what’s at the heart of your business. It’s not a business plan, it’s not a marketing plan. It’s COURAGE. Without having the courage to do what your heart and gut tell you to do, to do something new and Star Trekkian by ‘boldly going where no one has been before,’ AND make it work, no matter what, to keep going even when your bank account or your friends and family tell you it’s impossible, your business will disappear into the ethers of time and space.  Courage is the foundation for all entrepreneurs.

If you can muster up the courage, then you have the self-confidence you need which is the gas you need in your engine to drive the business forward. There is a HUGE connection between courage and self-confidence! Take a moment to think back on a time when you were scared to do something but you gathered up your courage and did it anyway. Can you remember the first time you did that? Even as a kid? When you tried out for the school play or the baseball team? What did it feel like to overcome your fear and go do it anyway?

Think about how you felt after you did whatever that courageous thing or act was. Aren’t you glad you did it? Do you think it helped build your self-confidence? You bet it did!

Maybe you were a bit exhausted from the effort or just relieved that you made it through to the other side. Mostly though, that adrenaline started pumping through your system and you felt incredibly proud of what you’d accomplished. That, in turn, made you feel elated and good about yourself and your own ability to do other courageous things.

In other words, you gave yourself a big boost of self-confidence. That right there is one of the connections between self-confidence and courage.

We can keep boosting our self-confidence and feeling of self-worth just by getting into the habit of doing courageous things. It’s about creating a habit. A habit of attaining more self-confidence by doing more courageous things! Establishing that habit is critical. Because once you’ve gotten that boost of self-confidence, you start to feel more courageous and are ready to tackle the next BIG thing!

Got fear? Do it anyway. Doing something terrifying at least once a day helps to build the self-confidence you dearly need. Fear is just False Evidence Appearing Real, right? But think about it this way – if you feel fear, you are on the right path. Fear means you are stepping towards the reason why you are here. It’s scary being seen!

Here’s what I know about fear.

Fear is what that fight or flight response is about. And it’s not terribly useful anymore. There are no saber tooth tigers to run from today. You are only running away from yourself when you give up.

Fear is a good sign. Stay with it, ride it out, summon the courage you need to overcome it. So go make that phone call. Go give that speech. Go bare your heart on stage and tell people your REAL story so they get you. Vulnerability is where it’s at and fear is just the teaser.

It’s not about staying safe anymore. Staying safe is about being complicit with mediocrity. Safe is a false security. You think staying safe is helping you but in fact, it’s hurting you. It’s keeping you from being who you are meant to be. We are here for a purpose and to fulfill that purpose. If you allow yourself to stay in the same place because it’s safe, then you are missing out on the fun of creating, collaborating, and connecting that you are meant to be doing. Safe is stagnation and it is dangerous.

Here’s the key. Just DECIDE. Decide to take action. Decide you will do whatever it is you need to do today. Decide and execute. What can you do today that takes a little courage? Do it NOW!

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