Grow Your Email List Like a Badass in 2018!

by Melissa Waldron on December 1, 2017


I know that we’ve all heard a million GAZILLION times that “the money is in the list.”

But here’s the truth.

It really is.

Why do those gurus out there constantly promote new products, do new Joint

Venture partnership deals, webinars and all the rest?

Because they are building their list.

Just like you need to be building yours.

I didn’t really take that list building thing seriously until my internet marketing coach got very ill and had to stop working for 2 months. For 2 months, she did not write any new copy, she did not post any new blogs nor send out any new emails.

What she did instead was to set up email autoresponders that featured products and services that she had already marketed months before.

And you know what? That saved her business!!

Because she had a vibrant email gathering system that matched her affiliate marketing system, she kept her sales going and she made almost as much money those two months out that she normally did!!

She didn’t lose her house. She didn’t go into debt. She didn’t go broke.

Yeah, that’s what an engaged email list can do for you.

Ok, here’s another example. Another coach of mine has a list of over 5000 people.

And guess what? Brands come to HER to ask her to send their products to her list!

She charges now $750 just for looking at their product, not including mailing it out! (For her to mail out the product and promote it, the company has to pony up over $2000!)

There is power in your list.

There is money in your list.

Your list is GOLD.

But if you don’t have a list, what do you do?

How do you get started??

I hear you!!

I have been working on building my list now for several years using all kinds of methods: opt-in forms, guest blogging, webinars, Facebook ads, Twitter, on and on and on. There are many ways to build a list.

It’s taken me many years to figure out what is needed to build a list. But you don’t have to spend as long as I did!!

In fact, what if you had some really awesome tools RIGHT NOW that could help you jumpstart your list TODAY?

I have the solution for you right here.

Here is a complete suite of products to help you grow your email list and turn subscribers into sales!

And it’s only $97!!

It’s called the 2017 Brainiac Grow Your List Bundle put together by my colleague Melissa Slawsky. She has compiled some awesome tools for you to use that will help you get your email building off the ground!!

Or even if you have a list like I do, you will find many of these tools super useful – I know I do!!

These tools will teach you amazing skills like planning and building out your content for 2018 for your blogs and emails etc, how to create Joint Venture partnerships, how to do webinars/telesummits, how to do Facebook ads…and so much more!

I won’t go into all the details of the products here BUT if you buy the Grow Your List 2017 bundle today, and send me the receipt, I will include you in my private training on how to use some of these tools and how to get you started THIS WEEK.

You will be up and running and building your list by the end of the week for just $97!!!!!

The training is on Tuesday, December 5 at 12noon ET and yes you will get a recording if you aren’t there live!

So don’t miss out on this, the offer is good for only a very limited time, for real. It ends this Friday but you have to act FAST to get into my LIVE private training!!!!

Fast action always wins the game! Go do it now!

It’s so simple:

Step 1: Buy the Grow Your List 2017 bundle

Step 2: Send me the receipt (forward it to me at

Step 3: Show up for the Private Training on Tuesday, December 5 at 12noonET!

And for those who missed the event, I will send you the recording if you send me your receipt.

In Spirit
Melissa Charity
PS – Full disclosure, my ebook is part of this bundle too and some or all of the links in this post are affiliate links which means I get paid a percentage of the profits of the sale if you buy the product. This is another way to generate money in your business and I will be teaching this in 2018!!



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