Is Your Career A Once in a Blue Moon Thing?

by Melissa Waldron on July 31, 2015

moon of blueHey, today is the day for the Blue Moon, the second full moon in the month of July.

Which is perfect timing for this note to you since I only write to you once in a blue moon.

I know, I must get better at that.

It’s that never ending To Do list, you know? The long list of stuff that awaits us every morning, so many projects, so little time.

But is that a real reason or an excuse? How can you tell the difference?

The great thing about this Blue Moon in Aquarius is that it is really forcing us to look at our past, our present and let loose of what is not helping us right now. Old patterns of behavior as well as old loves. Venus in retrograde, man! This blue moon is one doozy of a moon!


So what’s that excuse of not having enough time really about? Would it be about resisting your own success?

Could be.

I stumbled on this awesome article from Psychology Today about procrastination and 8 questions you can ask yourself to get yourself moving and end procrastination for good. It is humbling.

You might resonate with some of the reasons yourself, check it out.

I find that my conscious mind likes to keep busy, keep distracted, so that I don’t have enough head space to hear my Higher Self, to hear the voice that says, I am waiting for you to follow your path, where are you?

This week has been the perfect storm. A rising forth, like a tidal wave, of old relationships that needed to heal and moveon, old patterns of belief that say I am not good enough and health issues all came together in the past few days to say, hey, this isn’t working, let it go.

And after the storm has come a clearing, a releasing of all that.

And with that a realization that I really like to resist my own success.

Can you relate?

In fact, talking about resisting my own success, I bet many of you reading this don’t even know what I do!

Let me give you the inside scoop.

Do you feel like you’re not getting traction with clients, or not getting enough clients, or are just feeling aimless in your work?

Maybe that’s because you aren’t putting yourself out there enough.

Maybe people don’t know enough about what you do to make a decision about working with you.

Well I am here to tell you what I do. I help people overcome their own resistance to success. Teach what you need to learn, that is so true.

I have clients right now who don’t see their full value, who don’t OWN their full value. And who can’t connect their marketing dots because they don’t have a good road map to follow.

What if I told you that I help you create that road map?

I’m a coach. I’m an intuitive business guide. And I’m a business strategist. That’s what I do.

But I also help implement and GET SHIT DONE.

For instance…

Are you feeling stuck because you don’t have a website but know you need to get visible? I help you strategize ways to get visible fast and then I help you build your website.

Are you feeling frustrated because no one is buying your programs online? I help you create a series of fast cash producing webinars that will put you on the map and make you irresistible to your audience.

Are you stuck still making five figures and yearn so much to make six? I help you create programs and services that put you in that Six Figure category.

Do you have a website you love but you are still aren’t ranking on Google? Are you stuck on page 5 but you’d really love to be at the top of page 1? I can help you with that, I love to do SEO!

Boom! Done.

That’s what I do.

If any of this calls to you, let’s TALK! Like now!




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