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Hi, I am Melissa Waldron, former TV and radio producer, author, start-up addict and social activist – and my mission is to Get You Seen, Heard and Valu$$d! Let me produce you!

Is it time for you to Manifest Your Success?

I help Spirit Conscious Entrepreneurs like you create your wholehearted business so you can love your life and rock the world!




Spirit Conscious Celebrity 

[noun] – Being the change that you want to see in the world and getting seen, heard and valu$$d for your passion!

Being a Spirit Conscious Celebrity isn’t about being a Celebrity for Celebrity sake. It’s about being the YOU that you are meant to be and by being YOU, you will inspire others, impact lives and help make the planet a better place to be. You ARE the change that we all need to see in the world.  

Be honest. Right now, in your life and in your business is this you?

entrepreneur visibility Are you your own Best Kept Secret?

entrepreneur visibility Does the idea of getting visible send shivers down your spine?

entrepreneur visibility Are you yearning to be a bigger YOU in your life and in business but you’re not sure how?

entrepreneur visibility Do you fear of making mistakes when it comes to marketing? Does perfectionism keep you from moving forward?

entrepreneur visibility Are you afraid of putting your story out there? Do you worry it’s not valuable, not enough, not useful?

entrepreneur visibility Do you suffer from the Not Good Enough Syndrome and feel like others can do it better so why bother?

So let me ask you this…

entrepreneur breakthrough fearSo what’s holding you back? Is it fear, anxiety, lack of self-confidence? These are all signs of disconnect from Spirit, from our Inner Guidance System. These feelings are from your Ego that wants to keep you “safe” but really they are signs that you are ready to break free from that paradigm and FLY!

How long are you going to allow all this to keep holding you back? When will you be ready to take your stand and BE the change in the world?

Fact: there is never a time that you will be really “ready.” That is an excuse.

If something terrifies you, you are on the right track. Our spirit is meant to evolve, grow, expand and fear is the chain that holds us back. We must walk through the fear, and walk towards our dream.

It can be terrifying to become that change we want to be in the world. What will become of me, you wonder? What changes await me?

What you need is Inspiration. And guidance. And accountability.iStock_000010797682Small2-300x198_Inspiration

Change is the only constant in life. We are here to embrace change and empower our lives and enrich other people’s lives along the way. Live boldly, freely and on purpose. 

So it is time to come out of hiding and share yourself with the world by telling your own story. The story of YOU and what you care about in the world.

This is a private invite only group for motivated people who are ready to get seen, heard and valued while having fun in a safe, judgment-free zone.

Purpose of the Group

Explore, Experiment & Expand Our Ways of Getting Seen Now & Discover Ways to Make Money Online!

What You’ll Learn in the Group

* Building out your Content Hub

* Create channels of communication that make YOU the authority in your field

* Building out your Tribe via list building, blogging, videos, podcasting, and social media platforms

* Creating a solid platform for you to engage, help and inspire others

Visibility = courage, vulnerability and heart

We are here to tell our stories, lead our tribes with passion and forge new paths where there were none before.

“If we can share our story with someone who responds with empathy and understanding, shame can’t survive.” ~ Brené Brown


You have a powerful story to tell.

You ARE the change that we need.

You. Now.

And you need to Join the Visibility Lab to get you unstuck NOW!

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