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by Melissa Waldron on December 10, 2015

Blab Sharon Bechtold Cattitude

I did a Blab yesterday with artist, shamanic practitioner and entrepreneur Sharon Bechtold yesterday about how to launch your product online with Cattitude! We used her recent experience with her new line of Shamanic Oracle cards on Facebook as an example.

The important take away here, I will tell you flat out, is it wasn’t perfect. Right before we went live my microphone stopped working so I only had the mic on my computer to use and my sound quality is terrible [Sharon’s is crystal clear.]
I am telling you this because I had some hesitation posting this interview but at the end of the day, done is better than perfect!

The content Sharon has to share with you is SO valuable that it overrides my own insecurities and doubts. And that is what it’s all about. Rising ABOVE the doubt. Because if you listen to that voice, you will NEVER get anything done.

So here it is!

Now there are some real take aways that will help you in your business if you are looking to launch a product or a service online.

For many of us who are empathic, sensitive types who easily get overwhelmed by technology, myself included, this is one inspiring story.

Sharon talks about her inspiration for creating these cards in the first place and then shares the steps she took to make it happen. All within 3 months! She went from idea to product selling in the marketplace with 90 days. NO kidding!

You see, inspiration is the key to everything. We have ideas coming to us all the time but we might not be paying attention. If you don’t act on those ideas the universe is bringing to you, they will dry up and disappear, poof, gone!

How many times have you gotten an idea and thought, great, this is it! This is the one I need to act on and then nothing happened? You let it slide. You had too many other things going on and just couldn’t make time for it. And then the idea just disappeared and you forgot all about it. Can you relate?

No more!! Jump on the fast track to business and to life and take INSPIRED ACTION all the time. Once you get in the flow it gets easier.

I am experiencing this in my own business and it’s NO accident that I am getting more clients and making more money. It’s because I am taking inspired action. Period.

I encourage you to listen to the entire show but if you want to just cut to the chase and get the info you need, I am providing a road map right here along with the times at which we talk about the most important points.

This is the process that Sharon went through to go from idea to sales in 90 days:

Step 1: Acknowledge that you’ve been inspired. Then act on that inspiration by taking the time to bring the idea into physical or useable form. [7:10]

Step 2: Create a structure, set a container in which you will take action and make it work [10:00]

Step 3: Educate yourself: admit what you don’t know and seek guidance and support to figure out how to do it yourself, hire a coach, sign up for a training, do what you need to do to support yourself in a practical way. [11:50]

Step 4: Start early and promote! Sharon started selling and promoting her product before she even had the product ready to go. Sharon started with Periscope [27:00]

Step 5: Online marketing never sleeps. It’s 24/7. But you MUST set boundaries for yourself that make you feel good without burning out. [26:00]

Step 6: Stick with it! Even though Sharon says she really had challenges with Periscope, she kept going and she began a following. So even if you don’t feel like it, do it anyway! And keep experimenting, don’t stop! [28:05]

Step 7: Find a social media platform you are comfortable with. Sharon likes Facebook so she spends more time there than anywhere else. You might like another platform but sharon recommends starting with what you know first then branch out. Now she is trying out Instagram. [32:00]

Step 8: Have a call to action. Don’t do all this posting on social media platforms without driving traffic back to your site. Always provide a url or link to a sales page or optin page, drive them to your own site and give them something to do [34:00]

Here are some other key points to consider:

Purrseverance – keep going no matter what! Of course there’s some angst, some fear, some worry and a lot of disappointments, that’s guaranteed when you sign up to be an entrepreneur. But Sharon talks about how she overcame these challenges and just kept going! She even talks about how her she lost her own written content 5 times due to technology! [15:00]

Technology Monkeywrench: Technology can be the biggest hang up for many of us as it is for Sharon too! Sharon’s payment system even fell apart but she talks about how she put her payment system back to work and re-adjusted her plan. [35:15]

And here are the 3 things you must do every day in order to be successful, according to Brewster, Sharon’s German Shepherd spirit guide! [45:00]

Brewster says:
#1 Always have an offer out, even if it’s just one person you reach out to, give someone an opportunity to say yes. Be strategic. Put a post on facebook with an offer, post it in one group and that counts. Always every day, it’s a drip drip drip, it’s how the grand canyon was made. Always have an offer out there and be active in putting the offer out. And when someone says yes you have to acknowledge it and celebrate it!
#2 Do something in your business to build it – that could be re-writing your biography or cleaning up a sales page or creating content.
#3 Take care of yourself. Do something for YOU, you are the vessel and if you aren’t cared for, nothing else can come through. Do all three things and that will keep the flow moving and allow for continuity in your business and that will allow the time for inspiration to happen where you can have more ideas and then have time to act on them, you aren’t too busy!

And there’s so much more! Be sure to listen to the whole thing if you can, it’s worth your time.

So go get busy and put yourself out there! The next time you have an idea, try acting on it and see what happens. Give it a shot!

In Spirit
Melissa Charity



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