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Meet Melissa, Intuitive Business Guide, Visionary Planet Healer and Spirit Conscious Celebrity Producer

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My name is Melissa Waldron and I am a Conscious Change Agent and Spirit Conscious Celebrity Producer who is here to help transform business and the planet as we know it, with the collaboration of soul-centered entrepreneurs like you, by helping you create your “authentic voice” personal media platform – what I call Visibility with Purpose. 

I like to say I am a producer at heart. With heart.

My desire is to produce you, to help you get seen, heard and valued for the gifts you bring to the world. My genius is in helping others realize their “big” business vision and helping them create their Red Hot Message that gets broadcast to the world through a custom-designed personal media platform. We work with your strengths and build on them so you can have greater positive impact on the planet.

It’s called Red Hot authentic online visibility, cause it’s a Red Hot planet and now is the time for change!

It’s all about BE-Cause. 

I tell my clients to BE their own cause – cause there ain’t nobody who’s gonna tell it like you do!

Together we will connect your business to what is important to you in life, to the reason you get out of bed, so that your business can evolve and grow. We will create your Red Hot message, your story, and envision ways to get you out beyond the business, so you can connect with others who share your world view, who you can develop partnerships with and find communities that understand and care about your message. We will work on developing your own personal style, your own way of speaking, writing, making videos, podcasts, we explore it all and find what works and then get you ready to step out into the world so you can make a splash!

We do Whole Hearted Branding here.

I believe if you speak from the heart your tribe will follow. Your own personal media platform needs to be built from that authentic place. So that people can connect and engage with you in ways that matter and that have lasting impact. Together we will grow your business and also your vision for a happier, healthier and more peaceful world. It’s about people, profit and planet. That is the Red Hot message that you need to share with the world. And you need to share it NOW.

Reach out to me now if this spoke to you in any way, melissa [at] I am always interested in connecting with folks who care to make that difference. Or connect with me here on my Facebook page or Twitter.

In Spirit,

Melissa C. 


About Melissa

Melissa is an award-winning former TV/radio producer of 20+ years, international best-selling author and sustainable food advocate. She is the founder of Red Hot Now, where soul purpose meets business strategy and online visibility and is on a mission to merge spirituality with business so that Spirit Conscious Entrepreneurs can unleash their potential and get seen, heard and valued for the gifts they bring to the world.

As a Visionary Planet Healer, Intuitive Business Producer and Cause Marketing Strategist, she helps her clients create soul-based businesses and shows them how to share their Red Hot Message by building unique personal media platforms and crafting Visibility with Purpose campaigns.

Melissa lives in New Haven, Connecticut where she helps build school gardens and urban farms and is creating an experiential permaculture center for children in her own backyard. Her favorite hobby is making kombucha and is planning that to be her next entrepreneurial venture.