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Susan Epstein Photo_200pix“I am an expert in my field (parenting) and have some concept of marketing but was struggling on how to create a great webinar and still sell my group coaching program at the end of the hour. Melissa met with me and we drilled down the pain points. She helped me rework my powerpoint so that it was strong and spoke to my clientele. She hosted the call and introduced me and then highlighted the points I was making – during the webinar. That night I did the highest sales conversions I’ve ever done. We have met since and are planning another event and I know that with Melissa’s help- this one will be even a bigger, better and more profitable event!”

Susan P. Epstein, LCSW, Certified Health Coach, ParentingPowers.com

Amanda NoelleWithin our 3 months of coaching together,I established a successful BLI$$ness that is healing the lives of so many women (including myself!), plus we had an $18,000 launch in the first 6 weeks!

Before working with Melissa, I was struggling with all these big ‘unrealistic goals’ swimming in my mind seemed way too out there. I wanted to create an online university and was unclear about where to even get started. During our strategy session, Melissa said that she saw my dreams becoming realized, and that Aphrodite University could become super successful. I was so excited to get started, I could hardly sit still! It was like her blessing sparked me into my BLI$$, and I suddenly had permission to believe in myself and my dreams. Red Hot wow!

Within our 3 months of coaching together, I established a successful BLI$$ness that is healing the lives of so many women (including myself!), plus we had an $18,000 launch in the first 6 weeks, which is more than I used to make in a year a few years ago! Melissa is pure magic – I don’t even know how to describe our work or how she does it. It wasn’t even the practical aspect that did it – though we covered all those many parts too and she really helped relieve me of a lot of common organizational mistakes and confusions that could have gone down. It was this cosmic energetic click that happened right from the start. More recently, my work with Melissa has landed me all these really cool celebrity speaking and teaching gigs that seemed to fall out of the sky! I just got signed onto a major reality TV show as an expert matchmaker (one of my hats that Melissa has encouraged me to develop), and now I am writing a book because Melissa saw me doing that. It’s so much fun working with Melissa, and she helps you come out of your closet in a red hot lava celebrity burst, and she has your back so it isn’t at all as scary as you think.

Dr. Amanda Noelle,
www.dramandanoelle.com & www.aphroditeuniversity.org

Michelle“I dove in to work with Melissa Waldron because she got me so jazzed about how I could make more money! Her enthusiasm and belief in me were infectious! She also brought the whole process right down into tangible, doable, concrete numbers and strategies and demystified the whole ‘business side’ of business. I felt immediately empowered and excited. And within a few weeks I was implementing new ways to earn money right off the bat! I also LOVE her focus on sustainability and conscious entrepreneurism. I want to be part of THAT movement!!”

Michelle White Hart, Video Visibility Mentor, Michellewhitehart.com


stones“I chose to work with Melissa for a couple reasons; her enthusiasm and positive energy, but mostly because I really think she gets it – she listens, and she has a unique way of “pulling out your story” to make your brand!”

 Terri Cisero, Terri’s Treasures, IBustStonesForALiving.com




kat“I so enjoy working with Melissa. She is powerful beyond measure, her intuitive finger-on-the-pulse attention to “message”, her eager intelligence, and her knowledge, presence and attention to the details of my developing business set her apart in a crowded field of coaches. She is easy to reach, responsive and willing to work on the fly when the situation demands it. She has created herself as an invaluable asset as I get this business up and running. And I love her madly. Enuf said.”

 Katherine McClelland, The Beauty Whisperer, rawnakedbeauty.com


kayoko“Before working with Melissa, I felt as if I was just “winging it” in my business. I did not have much of a sense of exactly where I was in my business nor how I was to move towards where I wanted to be. With all the ideas and visions I have had inside me, I didn’t quite know how to prioritize, organize and focus on any one thing. Since I started working with her, I feel much more grounded and own more of my value than ever before. I have found in her a great guide as she has let me know where I am not quite in touch with reality, as well as where I needed to take a deep breath and fly with my own wings. I have grown to fully trust in Melissa’s way of embracing exactly where I am at present, while at the same time holding a firm vision for where she feels I could be in the future. As a fly-off-the-seat-of-my-pants creative “newbie” entrepreneur, I feel blessed to have found in Melissa someone who could consistently hold for me a very safe, heart-based yet grounded container. So far, she has been knee-deep in the mud with me, allowing me to experiment and dance as I so feel inclined, yet also making sure that I know she is always within my earshot. That, I have to say, is rare.”

Kayoko Omori, Spiritual guide for artists and creative souls, kayokoomori.com