What Is A Spirit Conscious Entrepreneur?

What Is A Spirit Conscious Entrepreneur?

The time for YOU to play bigger is NOW! Do you feel it?

New business models for a New Earth await.

You are being called forth to create it.

What’s YOUR Passion Project??

“What the world needs now, is love sweet love.” – Dionne Warwick

The planet is hurting, people are hurting, we are all experiencing huge challenges whether its extreme weather or economic instability. But what is exciting in business right now is that we are experiencing a paradigm shift, a shift in consciousness, a realization that business needs to come from a place of love rather than a place of power and greed.

And what the planet needs RIGHT NOW are Spirit Conscious Entrepreneurs who are willing to step forth into the world and COMMIT to CONSCIOUSLY CREATE a business from that place of love.

After all, “Love is all we need, “say the Beatles. SedonaCacti.jpg

What does that mean, create a business from love? It means we think about The Other. We open our hearts. And our eyes. We connect. We create from a place of collaboration, authenticity, transparency and integrity. We dig a little deeper. Reach down into our soul and draw forth what we know we’ve come here to do.

We are the Lightworkers.

Many of us today are hearing the call to come forth, to awaken to our soul’s purpose, to step into the life we are meant to lead.

We are Spirit Conscious Entrepreneurs….

Many of us are ready to become entrepreneurs to make the world a better place. Spirit Conscious Entrepreneurs. Spirit Conscious Entrepreneurs are on a mission. They have a plan. A purpose. A passion. They are hungry to connect with others and to make a difference. They are ready to manifest abundance and help to re-distribute the wealth on this planet from Greed to Good.

The motto of the Spirit Conscious Entrepreneur is “Doing Well by Doing Good.”

Does this sound like you? How can you think about doing business in a new way?

How can you connect your core values with your business and with what you believe needs to happen in the world? What kind of impact can you have? And why do you want to do it?

DeadTreeSedona.jpgThe real question is – what is Your Passion Project?

What do you wish to bring forth into this damaged hurting world that can help others while invigorating yourself to do and be more, to live more fully and to give back more effortlessly?

This is what being Red Hot is all about – passion + purpose + helping others and giving back while loving yourself unconditionally and giving yourself the time and space you need to expand and feel nourished.

Are you ready to be that phoenix rising from the ashes, to create a soul purpose mission driven business from your heart, from a place of compassion, love, authenticity and integrity?

It’s about getting your message out into the world, your Red Hot Message for a Red Hot Planet so we can start the healing process and stop hurting each other and the world we live in.

The time is now.

So you need to start thinking about your business in a brand new way. It’s about not just about what you do, it’s about Who You Are.

Marketing is really another term for building relationships. Sustainable business is about building relationships that last. Longevity goes hand in hand with integrity, with passion and with purpose. Those are all attractive qualities to have that will keep you in business for as long as you desire to be in business. And having fun along the way is a given, not a guess or a hope.

It’s time to create. It’s time to come into the world and do what you love and love back as best you can.

Work with me and you will love what you do. I promise.

In Spirit,


Your Spirit Conscious Producer for Evolutionary Leaders of Today and Tomorrow