Are you a Spiritual or Conscious Entrepreneur?

by Melissa Waldron on January 29, 2018

I’m just curious…do you identify with being a Spiritual entrepreneur OR do you think you are more of a Conscious entrepreneur??

Back in 2013 when I created this business Red Hot Now I felt called to attract the Spirit Conscious Entrepreneur – people that want to create a business from a place of love who wish to heal the planet.

I often thought that I was meant to attract the CONSCIOUS entrepreneur and that is still true to this day BUT here’s the thing…Conscious entrepreneurs ARE spiritual entrepreneurs!!!

I used to shy away from saying that I was a spiritual entrepreneur, you know, it seemed way too WOO WOO 😉

I have always been a social justice advocate and someone who cares about the environment and health and who sees business as being able to make the planet a better place to live.

BUT I realize that that IS my spiritual calling, that I am meant to advocate for those who want to create businesses from a place of LOVE, who want to HEAL the planet and people and end all the suffering.

Being an entrepreneur is the greatest spiritual journey I have ever taken!!

It grows you as a person and a spiritual being, it awakens you, it calls you to be a better person, to develop discipline and manage finances, to stand in your power and deliver your message whether people like you or not, it calls forth every bit of FAITH you must have in yourself and your cause!

I care about business AND the planet, I love myself first and foremost and I lead by example. That is how we heal the planet, my friends. LOVE yourself first. Then create from there.


If you want to see if you align with being a Spirit Conscious Entrepreneur, I invite you to go here and see if this calls to you and THEN sign up to my VIP list to learn how to get VISIBLE for once and for all!!

We are here to do this!!

In Spirit,

Melissa Charity

PS – If you want tips on how to get visible and then BE visible then please join my Facebook group, The Visibility Lab!



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