by Melissa Waldron on March 30, 2014


Announcing a New Opportunity to Work with Me! Read on! Last week I had a Big Night at the Big Shift Experience in San Francisco! I was on stage with Bill Baren himself, in a very vulnerable but liberating moment. Now I know why people go on Oprah. Being vulnerable is liberating.  And now I want […]

Are You Hiding Out?

by Melissa Waldron on March 19, 2014

entrepreneur success

Yoohoo! Where are you?  They’re waiting for you. Those clients out there in your future. They are tapping their fingers and wondering where you are. They need you. Are you too stuck in fear to get seen? Are you dragging your soul behind you in stark raving terror that someone is goingn to call you […]

Why Marketing Is The Divine Tool That Will Set You Free

by Melissa Waldron on March 10, 2014


I recently had an opportunity to see Fabienne Fredrickson from The Client Attraction Business School™ in the flesh. So I jumped on it. Okay, I admit it, I am a Fabienne-aholic. In case you’ve never heard of her, Fabienne Fredrickson is a leading female entrepreneur whose business school has been lauded by Inc. Magazine as […]

40 Days of the Spirit Conscious Entrepreneur – The Big Why

by Melissa Waldron on January 20, 2014

Entrepreneurism Is a Spiritual Act_437x336pix

  This post is in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King as we celebrate him and his legacy this time of year, and remember the gifts he brought to the world. “Let Freedom Ring!” That means many things to me: the beauty of equality, since I believe we are all one; the gift of choice […]