Do You Want to Be Extraordinary?

by Melissa Waldron on May 27, 2015


Welcome to my new series, How To Be Extraordinary in the Age of Vulnerability. In the coming weeks, I will be posting about ways to connect with your Tribe online and increase your visibility in ways that have high integrity and authenticity and express who you really are.

You might be saying, but I have a business/job/title, I don’t need to express who I really am.

I would disagree.

People are on information overload and are growing weary of promotional content on social media. Your new program/widget/sales letter is not that interesting. People don’t want to hear about your product, they want to hear about YOU.

And my guess is that you are probably hiding a bit behind your business or your title or your job. Because it’s safer there. It’s less risky.

But we are now in the Age of Vulnerability, as noted by researcher extraordinaire Brene Brown. Vulnerability is not a weakness. It’s a strength. In fact, Brown even says vulnerability is the “birthplace of innovation.”

Please understand, being vulnerable does not mean going on reality TV and talking about your affair with your cousin. Being vulnerable means revealing something meaningful to the world, sharing some experience that you have gone through that will help others in the end. Did you sell your business? Change jobs? Start a garden? Even if it was a rough or sad personal experience, it most likely has some value for others. What have you experienced recently that might be useful to share?

In order to stand out in the overcrowded white noise of online information, we must stand for something. We must be our own Cause. We must shine our own light on the values we hold, the beliefs we have about the world. We must be steadfast and committed not only to our brand, but to ourselves and what we hold dear.

Authentic Storytelling is the key to connecting. You don’t have to be a writer or a creative artist to tell your story. What do your peeps want to know about you? What can you tell them about yourself that will get them curious? And how do you keep them committed to you?

You can easily create a storyline that is fun and engaging to your audience. Something that tells people about your life, your daily struggles, your daily joys, something that has a bit of humor in it. Everyone needs a good laugh. Or even a smile would do.

This is the secret to Being Extraordinary. By being yourself. And standing for what you believe in. And helping others with your knowledge and wisdom.

Next week I will be talking about Facebook and how to improve engagement by telling your story in your own unique way.

I look forward to connecting with you then.

And in the meantime, if you want more practice at getting visible, then why don’t you join my Visibility Lab on Facebook? It’s a private group so you can feel free to practice with videos or sales letters etc. I will be giving feedback on anything you post so go on and get you some! 



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